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Our Story

We are in the enviable position to have partnered with the analyst behind arguably the most successful share trading advisory service of recent times, Equity Story.

Over the years Equity Story saw overwhelming demand from clients to establish a managed fund with a focus on mid to long term growth opportunities. With years of proven historical results to rely upon, we launched The Equity Story Growth Fund. We are a boutique wholesale fund manager investing with the same principles that have historically brought clients so much success.

The Team

Trent McGraw
Trent McGraw Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Trent has successfully built and grown multiple companies. Amongst his many achievements is the running of arguably the most successful share trading advisory service of recent times, Equity Story. Trent brings a diverse range of experience across all business sectors to his role as Chief Executive Officer.

Peter Kopetz
Peter Kopetz Chief Investment Officer

Peter is a highly experienced business analyst and investor. Peter has built quite the cult following over the past five years in his role as Lead Fundamental Analyst at Equity Story. Peter is a highly respected Analyst who has guided thousands of investors throughout his impressive career.

David Tildesley
David Tildesley Supporting Analyst

David is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading technical trending analysts. In 2014 David founded arguably the most successful share trading advisory service of recent times, servicing over five thousand investors to date - Equity Story. David holds a Degree in History & Sociology (BA & B.Sc).

Tim Baker
Tim Baker Compliance Manager & Head of Client Services

Tim has 10+ years of high level funds management experience and is the founder of a leading boutique firm specializing in corporate services for investment managers, with a proven track record of optimizing investment operation services. Tim holds Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Banking & Finance).

“Our investment selection process ensures we are ticking boxes along the way to stack the probabilities in our favour.”
Peter Kopetz – Chief Investment Officer @ The Equity Story Growth Fund

The Mission

Capitalising on a proven investment model to provide investors the opportunity to diversify and outperform.

Our Commitment

We believe in our investment models. The investment managers only listed investments are in the fund itself. We are invested alongside our clients.

The Strategy

Utilising our in-house fundamental and technical research analysis developed over ten years which has historically delivered excellent stock picking results, our overall strategy will see investments in medium and long term growth opportunities with a strong emphasis on up and coming companies.

We take an active approach which enables us to act quickly to changing market trends and we are not afraid to move to a majority cash position if we believe this is in the best interest of our investors.

Our investment analysis and thesis is a blended process which uses both top down and bottom up approaches.

While our investment horizon is generally long term we will take advantage of short term opportunities as they present themselves on a case by case basis.
Our main objective is to stack the odds in our favour on a risk reward basis in any investment we pursue.

The fund will implement these research capabilities over listed equities both domestically and internationally.

Peter Kopetz – Chief Investment Officer @ The Equity Story Growth Fund

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